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Shredders Of The People has recently surfaced on the rock scene with a modern classic sound and some songs defending the WILD…

And now you can download 3 songs from their self-titled debut record for FREE!

whale pixomatic IV

Listen to what others are saying about Shredders Of The People!

Will Rider – “Finally a new rock group of talented players with some cool tunes expressing global concerns about nature.”

Lorraine Flatbush – “These boys can play! I downloaded their record and now I really want to see them perform live! This music comes from the eye of the storm.”

Johnny LeFever – “Worth a listen! I dig the diversity of their songs and their fresh guitar playing.”

The songs that make up this recording are snapshots of what’s been going on and a celebration of wildlife. A cool freshwater fish named Bay Bay is calling out world people to unite and defend the Plant and Animal Kingdom. SOTP needs to connect local and global communities to protect the earth’s WILD animals, and help stop human caused specie extinctions.

For a limited time, to promote the band and establish a relationship with our fans, Shredders is giving away 3 free tracks from the new record titled Shredders Of The People. It’s important to us that you know that your email address will never be sold or given out to someone else and you can opt out at any time.

To quote some song lyrics by the famous British band Queen, “WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!”  Just enter your name and email on the right and you will immediately be sent a download link to the music.


Jack Locker
Shredders Of The People