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Shredders Of The People has recently surfaced onto the ROCK scene with some songs about what’s been going on and a plan that provides a defense for the WILD.

You can download 3 songs from the self-titled debut record for FREE when you sign up to receive the band’s email news dubbed RHINOMAIL!

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To promote the band and establish a relationship with our fans, SOTP is giving away 3 free tracks off the 1st official release. It’s important to us that you know that your email address will be treated like sacred treasure. It will never be sold or given to someone else and you can opt out at any time.

There are currently many human activities negatively impacting the earth’s endangered wildlife. To address this issue, there will be a series of live music variety show events called Planetary CPR (conservation, preservation, and restoration of wild lands) to help stop human caused specie extinctions.

To quote famous song lyrics by the British band Queen, “WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!”  Just fill out the form on the top right side and you’ll immediately be sent a download link.

Thanx on behalf of the band!


Jack Locker