Why PlanetaryCPR

Planetary CPR (Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration of our last WILD places) worldwide is the core concept that will stop human caused specie extinction. Complex scenarios have already begun to escalate out of control. The band’s 2015 self-titled release called Shredders Of The People contains some songs that carry an environmental message. We understand very well how our fish and wildlife are being pushed off the planet by the kind of person who doesn’t care for example if they have to someday pay a reduced court fine for turning a fishing port into a toxic waste dump.

Be it habitat destruction by multi-billion dollar privately owned energy companies polluting the air, land, and water or wrong-headed hunter thieves illegally poaching (stealing or killing) endangered species from their natural habitat to turn a profit on the black market, we need to defend against these destructive actions. To make RRR defense WILDly successful, it must be understood that while there are communicative barriers that would need to be overcome, it’s all about sticking to the plan. Planetary CPR.

In addition, there will be Planetary CPR musical variety show events to increase local and global awareness by joining people together with live music. The goal is to help support protecting our wildlife and the places they need to live free. Some wild roaming animals like griZZly (brown) bears for example need large wild land spaces to survive properly. When brown bears are healthy in an area of forest, all the other animals there are healthy too. WE can no longer allow priceless species to be carelessly destroyed because of inadequate stewardship.

One great benefit of bringing people together on this 1 issue and at Planetary CPR musical variety show events is that local and global communities can combine their efforts to address this human caused problem.. Then we will be able to accomplish what corrupt governments and destructive economies running on exploitation of people and resources could never do left on their own… PROPERLY PROTECT the homes of our natural fish and wildlife from:

POACHING – POLLUTION – OVER-FISHING including 50 mile long hook baited LONG LINES and 1.7 mile by 100 feet tall GILL NETS – HABITAT DESTRUCTION – UNETHICAL FISHING PRACTICES – UNETHICAL HUNTING PRACTICES – GMO’S (genetically modified organisms) – Farmers applying large quantities of extremely TOXIC, CANCER-CAUSING HERBICIDE AND PESTICIDE POISON onto their GMO CROPS – UNETHICAL FARMING PRACTICES – DEAFENING naval-military underwater “war practice” SONAR BLASTS in known whale and marineLIFE habitat in U.S. coastal waters – this ALSO includes big oil’s EARSPLITTING UNDERWATER SEISMIC AIR GUN BLASTS – MINING – DRILLING – FRACKING – LAND DEVELOPMENTS – the impact of CLIMATE CHANGE effecting the FOOD and WATER sources where our local WILDlife live – ROADS causing HIGH RATES OF MORTALITY, deterring wildlife movement, AND also altering and isolating habitat – lastly any ABUSIVE, DISRUPTIVE, or DEADLY human BEHAVIORS directed at rare wildlife such as THE hazing and slaughter of America’s only free ranging WILD BUFFALO that stray outside the protective borders of Yellowstone National Park, USA

People around the world need to know that human caused specie extinction is preventable, unnecessary, and will be stomped out when we come together on this issue. As a matter of fact, ALL the world’s naturally occurring species are extraordinary, unique and need to be celebrated. WE will be putting on Planetary CPR musical events at different sized venues to join people together with music, art, and earth scientists or environmental groups doing an outstanding job.


Jack Locker