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Get the Debut recording as a Digital Download for $9 or on a CD that comes in a unique 12 inch record size jacket $11 plus S&H.

With a modern rock sound and a classic dark edge, SOTP leads the sonic defense for Earth’s natural fish and WILDlife.

1. Le Reve
2. Louder Than Words
3. Gone
4. The Careless Fire
5. Thirsty Salty Dog
6. Not Going Home
7. Call Of The Wild
8. System’s Rigged
9. Give Me Liberty
10. Fallen…And I Can’t Get Up
11. Final Pivot
12. Sol Mates

Click Here To Download “SHREDDERS OF THE PEOPLE”

The ShreDDers knew they needed to make a record that would join together like minded, environmentally conscience individuals from around the world with music. But this record is actually quite balanced with songs about life from So Cal’s not-so fast lane. The recording mainly features Duncan Macfarlane on Lead Vox (pictured top left).(moving clockwise) Blake Price: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Jack Locker: Rhythm Guitar, Ty Dennis: Drums, and Joey Oddo: Bass.



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